4% more intuitive

21 May

This weekend I downloaded and watched some presentations from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference to get some ideas how to best convert Old School DM for the iPad.  Instead I was inspired to “fix” some shortcuts I had taken with the Hex Map Pro user interface.  I hadn’t realized these little details until I saw what thought and care went into Apple’s own apps and some others they highlighted in the training.  My daughter thinks the improvements are “awesome,” and I know some of you will appreciate then.  Well worth the effort.

I’m going to go ahead and let 1.1.1 get through the approval process, and then I’ll submit 1.1.2.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fixed the link to my support site (yes, again).
  • The top tip the triangle-shaped token no longer gets snipped off (unfortunately it’s now even smaller).
  • As you change the color of a token, the token on the board (and control panel) adjust in real time.
  • When you drag a token, it “hovers” a little bit.
  • Tap and hold the Shape or Size button to bring up a popover that let’s you immediately choose the size and shape.
  • New boards default to a pattern instead of boring tan.
  • Single tap anywhere on the board to close the token control panel.

Obviously none of those are “features.”  Just a little polish.  In my day job, I could never justify this level of attention to detail.  The number of hours involved in describing what I had in mind, convincing people it would be cool, getting it done, testing it, and promoting it to production would likely be 10 times what it took for me to just do it (which was a non-trivial, but rewarding 8 to 10 hours).  Sometimes it’s very good not to be the boss, and just be “the guy.”


One Response to “4% more intuitive”

  1. Brendan June 4, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    A bit of polish goes a long way. and really, the ‘single tap to close the token panel’ goes a long way when needing to move fast — same thing for the size and shape feature. Sometimes you just need to pop out a random encounter to wake people up!

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