1.1 out; 1.1.1 coming soon

17 May

Hex Map Pro 1.1 was approved today (a week after being submitted, just like every other time).

I’m working on a help/support page which you can find here.  Too bad one of the minor bugs in 1.1 is that the link to the support site doesn’t actually work on the iPhone (and I forgot to add the link to the iPad version).  D’oh.

While I waited for 1.1 to past muster with the lovely and talented App Store app screeners, I found a few non-showstopper bugs.  These have all been stomped out, and I’m submitting Hex Map Pro 1.1.1 tonight.

Fixed with 1.1.1:

  • Fixed the Support link on iPhone; added link on iPad.
  • Fixed the font not always updating correctly in the token control panel.
  • Fixed the background color of the “prior position” “ghost token” when a custom color is used.
  • Fixed a long standing bug where deleting a token selects the oldest token instead of the one created just before the one deleted.
  • Deleted three slow-loading background images that I was using for debugging and weren’t intended for inclusion.
  • Maybe one or two other things that I’ve forgotten.

New features:

  • A new token shape: rectangular!  (hey it’s a bug-fix release what do you want?)

Look for Hex Map Pro 1.1.1 this time next week (unless I hear reports of other bugs that I need to fix and thereby restart the one-week app approval clock.

And for you patient Old School DM users, good news: the updates to make it work natively on the iPad are well under way.  This app has my attention now after Hex Map Pro monopolizing my spare time for the past few months.


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