21 Feb

I’m sure there are plenty of frustrating hours of debugging left, but it appears that multiple saves is fully functional know in Hex Map Pro.  I think I need to hunker down and call this “feature complete” and spend the next week just cleaning up the interface, testing, and optimizing for the three different classes of devices: iPad, iPhone, and that pesky iPod touch.  It’s working on the latter, but it’s dog-slow, so I have to dumb it down a bit.

What’s “done” for the first release of Hex Map Pro?

  • More efficient memory management (no more out-of-memory crashing?)
  • Set your own colored background (single color) or use one of the included textures
  • Paint individual hexes/squares (editable pallet of colors)
  • Tokens are two sided now (separate text/color on each side; same shape)
  • Tabbed control bar at the bottom to tidy up the controls
  • A few more token shapes (ooh, triangle!)
  • Rotate between any number of “boards”
  • Option to show “shadows” of tokens after you move them (to keep track of what’s been moved; reset after each “turn”)

I suppose I should add the “delete board” option before I call this done, now that I think about it.

High-priority features for subsequent releases:

  • More text options for tokens
  • Set your own color for tokens (rather than just choosing from the attractive pallet that I selected)
  • Stacked token indicator (kinda lame that you can’t see that you have x tokens in the same hex now)
  • Import your own background image (the hard part is allowing you to use a really big image without causing the app to run out of memory instantly; I know the approach, but doing it and debugging it will take time.

If all goes according to plan, I hope to get Hex Map Pro submitted to the App Store next weekend.  That should get it in the store on or around March 5th.

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