Almost done…

30 Dec

I’m putting the finishing touches on the next release of the Old School DM iPhone app.  Then I’ll get back to work on Hex Map.

Here’s what’s coming soon to an update near you:

  • The “Encounters” tab gets renamed “Adventures” to reflect a new top-level to the hierarchy.  Rather than you just having a jumble of encounters, you’ll have Encounters organized by Adventure.  Based on the feedback I’ve been hearing, some of you use the app to create adventures or dungeons between gaming sessions.  This update is for you.  So now we have Monsters contained with Encounters contained with Adventures.
  • For each adventure, you set which of four “rules editions” you’ll be using: AD&D 1st, AD&D 2nd, OSRIC, or Basic/Expert.  The only effect this has is to have the to-hit values calculated correctly based on your preferred rules.  For those of you that play different versions, you can have 1st edition and B/X adventures (for example) living side-by-side in the app.
  • Each Encounter now has a place for a description.  Use this to enter any information you want to remember about the encounter between the time you create it and the time you run it.  This could be some combination of “what you see when you open the door” text, strategy notes for the encounter, treasure to be found, etc.
  • You can now remove/delete monsters from an encounter at any time.  We all make mistakes, right?  Now you can fix a few more.
  • Need to modify the to-hit odds for a class of monsters or an individual monster (e.g., for those stirges that “attacks as if they were creatures with 4 hit dice rather than 1+1” or that ogre with the cursed -2 sword)?  Go for it.  You’ll see the THAC0 value computed based on the various rule editions and can override them as necessary.  (Special thanks to Dramaman for his help getting me 2nd edition and B/X rules, testing my logic, and providing the stirge example.)

I just need to clean up the location of some of the controls and add in an adventure summary page that’ll show experience earned across all the component encounters (and test across various devices I have handy), and I’ll be ready to submit it to the App Store gnomes for their blessing.  Hopefully this weekend…

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