Hex Map Tips

10 Dec

I hope that Hex Map is very intuitive, but a few features are rather subtle.  So allow me to explain a few things.

Q: Tapping the + button adds a token to the middle of the board, but what if I want to add a token to a specific space on the board?

A: Just double-tap wherever you want a new token.  It’ll be centered in the nearest space on the board.

Q: Oh that is easy.  But what if I don’t want the new token to be a blue circle with a ? in the middle by default?

A: You used the magic word.  See the Default button on the token-edit control panel?  Tapping that sets the current settings to be the default for any tokens you add (until we change the default again).

Q: What if I want to clone an existing token?

A: Double tap on the token you want to clone; hit Default; then double tap where you want the new token.

Q: If a double tap on a token brings up the token editor, what does a single tap do?

A: A single tap “raises” that token to the top so that’s it’s “higher” than all over tokens.  This only matters when tokens are overlapping in some way.

Q: Sometimes when I try to move a token I end up moving the whole board.  That’s rather annoying, any tip for that?

A: Sure, that’s what the Lock Board option is for (the lock icon on the iPhone version and the Lock Board setting on the iPad version.

Q: That token-edit control panel gets in the way sometimes.  Why didn’t you make it draggable?

A: It’s not draggable but you can move it to either side.  Just swipe across the control panel and it’ll gracefully slide to the other side of the screen.  Try it; it’s fun.

Q: On the iPad version you have that “flag” feature.  What’s that for?

A: Excellent question.  You tell me.  How do you use it?  Would you prefer if it there were more room for text?

That’s all I have for now.  I welcome your comments and suggestions (and nice reviews in the App Store).

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