1.1 submitted

22 Sep

Last night I put the finishing touches on version 1.1 and submitted it to Apple for approval.  It should be showing up in the App Store next week (as a free update for purchasers of course).

The previous post describes it in general, but I also added in the ability to edit individual monsters after they are part of an encounter.  So if you want some of the orcs to havea lower armor class and a different weapon, you can do that.  Or if you just need to tweak the hit points (an ogre with 7 HP is pretty lame), you can do that too.

More about the update once it’s available…

One Response to “1.1 submitted”

  1. Thor November 11, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Wow, your app is amazing. I left you a 5 star review. If you could add the ability to add STR int DEX, etc to NPCs that would be incredible!!! If you could also add a text box option to encounters then DMs could create an entire encounter with text (eg room description + loot). This app is amazing!!!

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