Italia and what’s coming soon

17 Sep

When you make an app available through the iTunes App Store Apple makes available to you daily sales data.  As a new app developer this is all still rather exciting to me, so I look forward to the daily update.  The word is slowly getting out about the app, so most days two or three people purchase it.  One of the cool things about the report is that it tells you where your app was sold.  What do you mean “where” you may be asking; it’s all on the Internet right.  Yes, but legally (if not physically) there is a different store in each country, and the money is collected in different currencies.  So my app sells for $1.99 US dollars and $1.99 Canadian dollar, and 1.49 pounds sterling, etc.  Yesterday I made my first sale in Italy.  So if I had a globe with pins in it (which is somewhat tempting), there would now be pins in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Finland, Norway and Italy.  Come on South America, Asia, and Africa!

I’m finishing up the first update to the app.  I expect to post it this weekend and get it approved and in the App Store by the end of the week (if not by Friday then almost certainly the following week).  He’s a quick list of changes coming:

  • Encounter page now uses about half the space for each monster when there are more than 3 monsters, so less scrolling.  You can toggle to the “big” view as needed.
  • Gave the buttons a “pressed” look when you’re done with it (e.g., have already rolled the damage for an attack).
  • You’ll have the option to load up lots more monsters that I’ve prepared.  The stats are all coming from the OSRIC book (, taking advantage of the work Djeryv’ over at  In this first update there will “only” be 50 monsters (maybe a few more) you can load up.  It takes a few minutes to edit each monster and I’d rather get this update out than wait until I have all 400+ done.
  • For the monsters that I’m providing you’ll be able to see all their stats one tap away from the encounter page.  Need to remind yourself what tricks that storm giant has up his sleeve?  Tap the “i” and it’s right there.  Eventually (probably the next release in a few weeks), you’ll be able to enter all these extra details (e.g., alignments, comments, treasure, number encountered, etc.) for your monsters.  But for now you’ll just get to see the info I provide..
Also, the good folks over at have given me my own sub forum we can use to discuss the app.  So while I appreciate any comments you post here, the real discussion action is likely to be over at

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