More monsters!

12 Sep

More monsters coming soon to Old School DM–lots more. As in, basically all of them.

That is, I’m working on bringing all the OSRIC monsters into the app with the next update. Well, almost all of them. A few just fit the app as I designed it. I might address that in a future update, but for now they’ll get left behind. There are two types of monsters that “don’t work:” those that don’t have “normal” hit points and, well, dragons.

Hydras are the best (but not only) example of the former. An X-headed hydra is more like a group of X 1-HD monsters than a single monster, with each head having 8 HP and one attack. But their attacks are much better than 1-HD monsters, so that messes things up. Also each head is supposed to have a full 8 hit points. I didn’t account for that either. So I’m not going to pre-load hydras. If I were going to use the app to run a hydra encounter, I would do it as follows:

  1. Create Hydra Head as a monster, using the HD and attack damage of the size you want.
  2. Generate an encounter with the right number of Hydra Heads.
  3. Before starting the encounter, lower the HP of each head from the starting value to 8.

I will also be omitting dragons because of the complex size/age logic.  Since so many of the stats for a dragon depends on the size and age, if I were to preload dragons with all the right stats, I’d have to enter lots and lots of dragons.  And I’d be stuck with the same non-random HP challenge as for the hydra heads.  So, you’re on your own for dragons.  But, ironically, how often do our players actually encounter dragons anyway?

Look for an update in a couple of weeks with 400+ OSRIC monsters.  Unfortunately, you’ll have some cleaning up to do for the monsters you’ve added yourself.  If you, for example, added Ghost to your copy of the app, then after the update there will be two Ghosts in your Monster list.  You’ll probably want to rename or delete one.  There will be some way to know which one is which (hint, the one with the OSRIC page number probably isn’t the one you entered).


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