Accepted today!

10 Sep

The Old School DM app was accepted into the App Store today!  Just under a week to go through the approval process.  Thanks Apple App Reviewer People!

Below is a screen shot from the app.  In this case showing an encounter against an Owlbear and a Cave Bear (don’t ask me why).  Don’t know who they are up against; you’ll need some other app for that.  It’s round 7 and they both have plenty of HP left, so I’d wager the ‘bears are winning.

The only clickable elements for each monster are the two circles.  The red one labeled HP shows the current hit points of the critter; clicking on it brings up the damage screen to lower (or raise) the current hit points.  The green attack circle hows how many attacks the monster has left.  Clicking on it brings up the attacks screen.  When all the attacks are showing zero (at least for the ones that are in range of making an attack), it’s time to hit Next Round to reset the account count.

At the bottom we have the four tool bar icons:  add monster; show experience points; show/hide reads; and next round.  Pretty obvious what they all do, right?

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